Operation Goody

Operation Goody is a fund set aside and managed by S&S Family Pet Hospital. The purpose of the fund is to help families in financial hardships in our community, maintain medical care and quality of life for their pets.

What is our Purpose Statement?

To help families in financial hardships in our community, maintain medical care and quality of life for their pets.

How did we come up with the name?

Goody is the nickname Dr. Smith used for his beloved golden retriever, Missoula. She was the hospital mascot for the first years that we were in business, and you could often hear Dr. Smith telling his girl that she was his goody. So she was known by all of us as “The Goody”.

When was Operation Goody founded?

Operation Goody was founded in February 2010, in honor of Missoula, when she passed away, although it has never officially been attributed for the aid that has been provided to various pets over the past two years.

Is Operation Goody a non-profit organization?

Not yet. That is our plan, but until then, it is just a fund that S&S Family Pet Hospital sets aside to help those in need.

What does Operation Goody actually do?

Operation Goody responds to needs that we see presented at S&S Family Pet Hospital. In some cases, it is a pet owner who is unable to come up with the financial means to pay for life-saving treatment or surgery. In other cases, it may be a family unable to provide medical care for chronic conditions while they look for a new home for their pet. When we recognize that the pet owner has done everything in their power to try to come up with funds with no success, we step in and offer some relief. We encourage the owner to take as much financial responsibility as they are able, and then we work out the rest. Since Operation Goody is run by S&S Family Pet Hospital, it is a seamless process with little or no burden on the pet owner.

How does a pet owner apply for aid from Operation Goody?

They don’t. Since Operation Goody is managed by S&S Family Pet Hospital, every case we assist comes to us through the hospital. Once presented with a treatment plan and/or recommendations for treatment, if the pet owner is unable to afford this, the hospital accounts manager works directly with them to assist with payment plans through Care Credit or other creditors. If no other financial aid is available, the doctor will then alter the treatment plan to make it more affordable. If that is still not enough, or if altering the treatment would not provide the patient with good quality of life, then we step in and offer aid to the pet owner.

How do we obtain our funds?

Until now, the majority of the funding used to provide aid has come directly from S&S Family Pet Hospital. However, this simply is not enough for the needs that are out there. We rely on the kindness of our other clients to help us help those who are in need. San Antonio is known to step up and help their neighbors, and we believe our neighbors four legged family members need help too.