Our Kennel Staff strive to make your pet feel at home while you leave them in our care. They will adhere to all of your instructions and care for them the same way you do at home.

The following are some of what happens while your pets stay with us:

  • Each pet is walked in out fenced yard 3-4 times a day
  • If pets need medication, it will be given on time and logged as its dosed
  • Each pet is fed according to their owners instructions
  • If a pet stays with us three nights or more, they receive a free tech exam, bath and nail trim
  • Each pet is given individual love and attention to make their stay enjoyable.

Come in and ask for a tour of our boarding facility at any time. We love to be transparent with you so that you can have confidence in our standard of care. S&S is one of the few clinic where pets actual like “Going to the back”